We are Watkins & Bloodline based out of Clover, SC.   As simple servants of the highest King, we truly count it an honor to say that the Great I Am has given a commission to this ministry. We feel that it is our responsibility to bring a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit to our nation. To refresh and revive those who have been broken. To bring deliverance to those who are in bondage. To bring life to people who have been abandoned. Also, to simply point the way to salvation for those who do not know this great Jesus. God has not only placed a corporate call to this ministry but He has also given individual gifts and talents within it such as Preaching, Youth Speaking, Women’s Ministry, Intercessory Prayer , Poetry, and Spoken Word. We are excited to walk the path that the Lord has laid for us and we would be honored to minister with you to uplift, encourage, and advance the kingdom in your church and community!

YOU CANT GO THAT FARWatkins & Bloodline
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