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From Travelers Rest, SC: Ted & Jennifer Brady, Duane Slate and Travis Hanley join together to lead congregations in worship. The Lord is blessing and opening doors and this ministry team is committed to walking through each one with expectancy. Jen shares, "We are blessed beyond measure and held securely in His grip of grace as we endeavor to walk in His will and fulfill the calling He has placed on our lives."  Jennifer, a four year graduate of Steve Hurst School of Music in Nashville, TN, sings lead and occasionally plays piano. Affectionately known as “leather lungs”, she sings her way into the audiences’ hearts every time she takes the platform. Jen previously toured with The Grissops, True Love Trio, Decree and as a soloist for over 5 years. Jen has five adopted children (Javon, Savannah, Michael, Art and Larry) and wrote a song about her adoption journey called “Wrapped in Love”.  Listen to his testimony or as he delivers a song and you soon realize Ted is the "real deal". Born in Aberdeen, NC, a preacher’s kid, Ted was the answer to his parent`s prayers when he started "tinkering" on the piano at age 12 and playing for the church congregation just three weeks later. He joined his first group at the age of fifteen and fell in love with Southern Gospel Music. Ted has 3 children: Kevin, Makaylla and Madison. Jen shares, “He sings every part, so we can’t just say he’s our baritone singer! Plus, he plays piano and bass guitar, drives the bus and owns his own recording studio (His Way Studio)... standing on stage beside my husband and singing the gospel is an honor and answer to prayer!” Ted and Jen are newlyweds and make their home in Travelers Rest where they attend Destination Church of God.  Duane has a heart for worship and brings incredible piano skills and rich tenor vocals to #teambrady. He makes his home in Greenville, SC where he plays keys at College Park COGOP and owns a renovation company, Slate Transformations, with his dad and youngest son, Austin. His oldest son, Jordan is a graduate of NGU and works at a Technical Director and Audio Engineer at WGGS-TV 16. Duane enjoys spending time with sweet girlfriend Terri and her two goldendoodle puppies Ellie and Izzy. Terri travels with us as often as her schedule allows and jumps in to help in any area she can. He also has a pet tarantula, Webster. Duane served as a worship pastor for 23 years in several states and studied arranging/composing at Berklee College of Music. “Duane brings so much to the ministry with his ear for harmonies and creative arrangements. God has blessed us and we’re excited to share our new sound with audiences everywhere,” adds Ted.  Travis is the newest addition to our ministry team. Travis and his wife Stacey make their home in Anderson, SC and attend Cornerstone Church where his brother is the pastor. Travis was saved in 1976, when he was 10 years old. Travis has toured full time with The Rhineharts, Cedar Ridge, The LeFevres and The Nelons... just to name a few. Stacey will be joining us on the road and will have a “job” before she knows it. Jen shares, "Travis is an incredible drummer and we are so thankful to have him joining our ministry team. Make him & Stacey welcome and get to know them... you`ll love them too!"  The final members of #teambrady are husband/wife duo: David & Sammie Richards. David and Sammie make their home in Travelers Rest and attend Old Fashioned Baptist Church. David is the muscles behind our ministry. He also sings a couple of songs at most dates. Sammie manages the product table. They have 2 daughters (Amy and Brandi) and 3 grandkids (Austin, Lily and Princess Scottlyn).  Jeremiah 29:11 - "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Matthew 6:33 - "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you." God is surely blessing and adding unto us and making a way. We are a family, brother’s and sister’s in Christ, ordained for such a time as this to share the greatest story ever told – of Jesus and His love. Our desire is to see souls saved and lives changed – not because of us, because of Him! When you join The Bradys for a worship service, you will laugh and maybe cry, but our prayer is that you will leave different than you arrived... forever changed! That you receive more than entertainment - a blessing from God

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