Southern Journey

Southern Journey consists of Manager Evangelist Thomas Godwin, Tonya Cress, Willie Strickland, Vickie Preston, Dr. Portia Douglas Rowe.  Thomas and Portia began singing many years ago with Cannon Land. Portia then moved and began singing with Sunnyland which later became Mountain Joy from Hazelwood, NC.  In 2015 we formed Southern Journey.  We chose that name because we have been on a journey for the Lord and it has taken many turn and twists but God ha always been there.  We have seen many souls saved and Christians become closer to the Lord.  We are in this to be a servant of Jesus to show others a better way.  To tell people of God's amazing grace and the salvation he offers to all.  It is our desire to never be entertainment but to be filled with the Holy Ghost power of the Lord Jesus Christ and see souls come to him.  We are blessed and want to be a blessing.  

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