My name is Ron Stubbs and I live in Dillon, SC. I have been married to my wife Somer for 18 years and together we have two children, Logan, 12 and Lucas, 6. I also have a son Hunter who is 22 and they all are a blessing from God. We attend the Dillon Church of God where I sing in the choir and the praise team, also serve as  brotherhood director and also teach a Sunday school class from time to time. I have also been asked to preach on several occasions in different churches and I'll go where ever God opens the door. I got saved at the age of 17 in a small church in Bennettsville, SC and I haven't looked back since. I never thought that he would use somebody like me to sing or speak but all I am is a willing vessel for God to use in whatever way he chooses. I would love to come  minister to your congregation so if God lays me on your heart give me a call (843) 506-1910 and my God continue to bless you.


Until the Midnight Cry,


Ron Stubbs

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I'd Rather Have Jesus - Ronn Stubbs
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