Next Chapter 

In the small eastern North Carolina town of Laurinburg, NC, God chose to put together something special in July of 2015. After six months of prayer and practice, four willing vessels stepped out on stage for the very first time in February of 2016 as Next Chapter.  From the moment they stepped on stage the anointing began to flow and the audience felt something new and fresh in the house.  From that day on, Next Chapter has captivated audiences week in and week out with their down home personalities,  their humble spirits, and the anointing that flows each time they sing.  Combining a mixture of singing and preaching,  Next Chapter offers a side of ministry for everyone.  Today, Travis Cain (baritone/MC),  Janice McMillian(soprano/lead), Charity Lowery(lead/alto) and Bobby Taylor(bass/manager/sound) are still carrying on the call in which God has placed upon their lives. They have ministered in churches,  schools,  auditoriums, festivals, nursing homes and anywhere the Lord opens the door. You can book them through SRGMA by contacting Dean Asaro 843-615-4600

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So High - Next Chapter
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